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Guidelines for OVOM One Voice One Message – Global Support for a Drug-Free Lifestyle

OVOM is a platform managed by the Global Coordination Team (GCT). They are representatives, from Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America and Oceania. GCT meets regularly and participates in discussions only if it is in line with OVOM guidelines.

OVOM is built on the belief that everybody has the right to grow up in a drug-free environment. Being a free person offers opportunity to flourish and be the person you are meant to be. We share know-how and support each other to reach that goal on a local, national and global scale with those who support our vision. 

OVOM is not religious, gender based, racial or politically bound.

OVOM accepts donations in-kind and only accepts economical support for real costs. 

OVOM supports the UN Drug Conventions 1961, 71 and 88 – ratified by 195 states - which sets out to ensure provision of drugs for medical and scientific purposes only and also to ensure no illicit (recreational) use. Among the obligations undertaken by States Parties are Articles 3:1 and 3:2 in the 1988 Convention, are the criminalization of illicit production/trafficking/sale and possession for personal use of these substances.

OVOM supports the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Article 33 which is a child protection provision and the only provision in any global human rights instrument to talk about drugs - hence the starting point on any reflection of human rights and drugs. This article sets out to protect children from any illicit drug use and also involvement in trafficking/cultivation/sale of drugs. The wording in Article 33 is more or less identical with the wording in the 1988 Drug Convention preamble as these were drafted in parallel and complementary. Article 33 is also referencing the UN Drug Conventions, including the obligation to criminalize. There is little doubt that the central tenet of human rights and drug policy is to ensure a drug free society with no recreational drug use. 

OVOM supports a restrictive drug policy. It stresses the need for cooperation and consensus between prevention, early intervention, legal supervision, treatment and aftercare. 

OVOM has no membership, but welcomes and supports like-minded individuals and/or organizations working toward a Drug-Free Lifestyle to provide a strong voice. 

OVOM encourages community empowerment to become more resilient against illegal narcotics trafficking, street drug dealers and to stand up against all forms of corruption, drug promotion legal or illegal. It urges leaders and officials of all nations, to respect the law of criminalisation of illicit drugs, which almost all countries have ratified. 

OVOM will be a voice to counter the pro-drug and illegitimate decisions for drugs and those who support ongoing addiction to continue living in a world of drugs.

OVOM believes that the use of illegal narcotics, the illegal drug trade and the illegal use of legal drugs, undermine the values of families and societies around the world. 

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