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Any organisation like OVOM promoting a lifestyle free of illicit drug use must necessarily be rigorously tied to the science.  This science page will give you the data directly as it comes to hand on the harm done by illicit, and yes, legal drugs. 

Recognising that science is sometimes manipulated to fit an ideological position, we will show you where the conclusions don’t follow from the data in any of these false drug policy studies.  OVOM is committed to the science – authentic and proven science. 

Drug Decriminalisation/Portugal


Portugal decriminalized the use of heroin, ice, speed, cocaine and ecstasy in July 2001.  This failed policy is now being promoted to governments throughout the world under the pretense it is a success.  The actual statistics and the true situation can be found in the documents below.


Research on cannabis has known since the 1970s that cannabis creates genetic damage, but now its
dangers - cancers, birth defects, psychosis and a host of other conditions have now been solidly verified. 
And Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most cancer-causing cannabinoid of all, causal in 12 cancers as against 14 for tobacco.

Injecting Rooms

Injecting rooms, otherwise known as drug consumption rooms, are being promoted to governments worldwide, but their official government-funded evaluations are characteristically done by researchers who have also been activists for their implementation, where the displayed conclusions are at odds with the data in such evaluations. 

Pill Testing/Drug Checking

Almost all deaths from party pills are from MDMA (Ecstasy) itself, yet so
'called pill testing' greenlights the very drug responsible for most party pill deaths.

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Driving and Medical Cannabis

There can be no argument to allow drivers recently intoxicated with medicinal cannabis on our roads because the vast majority are using it for chronic pain, where cannabis is not sufficient, without opiates, to alleviate such pain.  It is well known that cannabis used with other drugs actually multiplies the dangers of both drugs.

Dangers of Alcohol

While alcohol does not match the rates of death caused by heroin (which kills one in every 100 dependent users every year) it is much more widely used, causing death and injury in alternate ways.


Vaping is introducing a whole new generation to nicotine addiction.


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